DELTA Tankers Ltd. was established in 2006 to manage a modern fleet of twenty-nine (29) tankers with a total deadweight in excess of five (5) million tons.

Through its long-standing commitment to safety and by providing high quality services to its clients while striving to continuously minimize the impact of its activities to the environment, DELTA Tankers Ltd. has secured a leading role as an international ship manager and operator.

DELTA Tankers Ltd. is committed to maintaining its leading position in the shipping market and its optimum operational, quality, environmental and safety standards by constantly meeting the needs of the shipping industry for safe and efficient world-wide marine transportation.

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Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental protection
are the core values of Delta Tankers


Technical Department is responsible for the monitoring of the fuel consumption and the emissions related to the performance of the fleet thus ensuring sustainability and minimizing, to the extent possible, company's imprint to the environment.

LAROS tool is used for "real-time monitoring" of vessels' performance and energy efficiency.

DELTA Tankers Ltd. is an ISO 14001:2015 "Environmental Management" certified company by Lloyds' Register.



Our fleet operates worldwide with the focus on safely carrying oil for our first-class customers.

An approximate total of more than twenty-eight (28) million tons of oil are being safely transported annually by DELTA Tankers Ltd.

At DELTA Tankers Ltd. we load and discharge cargoes on daily basis, following the evolving trading routes of the oil trade.


HSQE Management

Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental protection are the core values of DELTA Tankers' Management System. Our goal is to strive for excellence by identifying and managing the safety and health risks our seafarers and employees are exposed to, to eliminate accidents at sea and to minimise the environmental impact of our daily activities.

Our HSQE goal is to achieve ZERO HARM to our people and deliver our services with minimal environmental impact.

Crew Management

DELTA Tankers fleet is predominantly manned with seafarers from Greece and the Philippines whilst Russian and Ukrainian Officers are also included in the tanker-dedicated company pool.

The employment criteria for Officers meet or exceed the minimum mandatory requirements of the Flag Administration (Greece & Liberia) and those stipulated in MLC. Charterers' and TMSA requirements are incorporated in company practices.



The chartering activities of DELTA Tankers Ltd. are done on the basis of building solid partnerships with top notch Charterers. Our aim is to ensure that their cargoes are transported safely, without operational issues and by providing the first class services they expect.

Customer complaints and Claims are being quarterly monitored via measurable targets incorporated in yearly Key Performance Indicators.



5,000,000 +

DWT Capacity

3,000 +


15,000 +

Port Calls

Our Fleet

Delta currently manages a of twenty-nine (29) takner carriers
with a total deadweight in excess of five (5) million tons.


Name DWT(mt) Year Built Flag IMO Number Classification Society
DELTA STAR 109,990 2013 GREEK 9458016 CCS


Name DWT(mt) Year Built Flag IMO Number Classification Society
BOUBOULINA 163,759 2006 GREEK 9298753 CCS
EXPLORER 163,759 2006 LIBERIAN 9312133 CCS
MELTEMI 163,759 2006 GREEK 9298741 CCS
NAUTILUS 163,927 2006 GREEK 9298765 LR
SOUNION 163,759 2006 GREEK 9312145 CCS
DELTA HARMONY 157,410 2009 LIBERIAN 9408463 CCS
DELTA HELLAS 157,583 2009 GREEK 9406673 CCS
DELTA IOS 157,484 2009 GREEK 9406685 CCS
DELTA SKY 166,092 2009 LIBERIAN 9410181 CCS
DELTA KANARIS 157,563 2010 LIBERIAN 9429015 CCS
DELTA MED 161,653 2010 LIBERIAN 9412309 CCS
DELTA OCEAN 157,444 2010 LIBERIAN 9408475 CCS
DELTA SPIRIT 161,724 2010 LIBERIAN 9419096 CCS
DELTA TOLMI 157,488 2010 LIBERIAN 9429027 CCS
DELTA POSEIDON 157,380 2011 GREEK 9468671 CCS
DELTA BLUE 158,322 2012 LIBERIAN 9601235 CCS
DELTA SUPREME 159,031 2012 LIBERIAN 9585895 CCS
DELTA MARINER 157,838 2013 GREEK 9579573 CCS
DELTA EURYDICE 149,990 2015 LIBERIAN 9700706 CCS
DELTA MARIA 149,900 2015 GREEK 9700691 CCS
PASCHALIS DD 159,812 2018 LIBERIAN 9765378 CCS


Name DWT(mt) Year Built Flag IMO Number Classification Society
DELTA ANGELICA 319,911 2012 LIBERIAN 9602629 CCS
DELTA GLORY 319,819 2012 LIBERIAN 9602617 CCS
DELTA AIGAION 319,725 2014 LIBERIAN 9516923 CCS
DELTA AMAZON 319,896 2015 LIBERIAN 9748916 CCS

Safety and Quality

Safety is a priority in all DELTA's operations. Quality is inextricably linked
with safety and this is reflected in every aspect of DELTA's activities.

DELTA Tankers HSQE objectives are established and actively monitored by our Safety & Quality personnel,

with the relevant policies and practices being disseminated across the fleet to promote a robust safety culture on board our vessels.




Head Offices

Zefirou 58B
Palaio Faliro 175 64
Athens, Greece

+30 210 45 57 000
+30 214 10 08 550